Navigating the Workspace Module

Navigating the Workspace Module

Workspace is where users enter and analyze data values.  Because FinanceSeer is a multi-dimensional application users can pivot the orientation to maximize their ability to view data quickly.  This sounds similar to a spreadsheet pivot table, but it's far more advanced.  Spreadsheet pivot tables are for reporting purposes only.  They rely on a data source.  For most modelers that means continuing to maintain a complex, and difficult to manage spreadsheet model that links across many different tabs and books.

Workspace allows users to pivot orientations and enter data directly into that orientation.  Because there is no external data source the model calculates on the fly based in real time inputs.

Tips for dragging and dropping

  1. When dragging a dimension to another orientation, grab the icon in front of the dimension name.  This will ensure you don't want to just change the member or group within the dimension list.
  2. When dropping the dimension into the new location, look for the orange bar to appear before dropping.  This will be the indication that you have found an active location.
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