Editing Ratio Calculations


Editing Ratio Calculations

Creating or editing a ratio is pretty straightforward task in FinanceSeer.  To get started follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Architect module within FinanceSeer and make sure you are working with an editable template (typically core template).
  2. Create a new account and ensure that the account type matches the ratio you are creating (i.e. a ratio or a percentage account type).
  3. With your cursor on the ratio account, go to the member settings pane, ensure that the calculation method is set to CALCULATION. 
  4. Click on the small icon to the left of the calculation drop down to edit the calculation.
  5. Drag a mathematical operator from the right side of the screen (expression palette)  into place by dragging the formula to the dotted square in the expression tree.
  6. Go back to the Expression palette and drag the Cell Address Constant over dotted box next to item 1.  Repeat this step for item 2.
  7. Click on the hyperlink to assign an account to both item 1 and item 2
  8. At the top of the screen enter a name for your formula.
  9. Click OK to accept the formula.

Please note that accounts follow sign sense rules.  If you divide a revenue by an expense the result will show as a negative because the expense is a reduction account and the revenue is additive.  To change this behavior build a nested formula where one of the items is not a cell address constant but a multiplication formula.  The multiplication formula should be a cell address times a number constant (located in the expression palette).  Type in -1 as the number constant.


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