How to configuring FinanceSeer Desktop for first time use

FinanceSeer is a desktop application that runs locally on the user's computer and requires a one-time configuration process that usually take 1-2 minutes. 

Once the initial configuration is made, all ongoing product updates will be automatically maintained by FinanceSeer throughout the life of your subscription or trial.  

In order to initiate a first-time configuration of FinanceSeer, users must have a Window's based PC, running a modern version of Internet Explorer and be in possession of an active product URL (provided to you by FinanceSeer or a colleague who has acquired an active subscription on your behalf). 

If you are unsure of your Product URL, please contact FinanceSeer by visiting our website at

Once you have obtained your Product URL, enter that URL into your Internet Explorer browser.

FinanceSeer requires a Microsoft plug-in called Silverlight to be installed.  If that plug-in is not detected then you should be redirected to install the free plug-in before configuring FinanceSeer.  If you are unsure whether or not this plug-in has been installed you can visit the Silverlight website by going to

Once the FinanceSeer configuration process detects the browser plug-in you should be redirected to the following configuration page. 


Click on the first step to register your details and accept the end-user agreement. 

Click on step two to run the configuration process.  A security warning message may popup asking for your validation.  Click to accept.

Once the configuration process is complete, the user must close out of the web browse completely (simply minimizing the window won't work). 

Locate the FinanceSeer desktop icon on your desktop. 


On configuration, FinanceSeer configures both a 32-bit version and a 64-bit version.  In most cases, the desktop icon defaults to running the 32-bit version.  This can cause stability issues for individuals who are running a 64-bit OS. 

Switch over to the 64-bit version by right clicking on the desktop icon and selecting properties.

Locate the target field within the Shortcut tab, scroll to the left and check to see if the location is pointing to a folder that contains "(x86)" in the name.  If it does, remove any reference to "(86)"and click ok.

Close the properties window and launch the FinanceSeer Desktop Icon. 

This should complete your first-time configuration process.  Moving forward, FinanceSeer will routinely check for updates and apply those patches automatically. 

If you want to uninstall FinanceSeer, go back to the product URL using your web browser and follow the steps on the screen to successfully uninstall FinanceSeer Desktop. 

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