How to Configure the FinanceSeer Excel Add-in

The Excel add-in for FinanceSeer is a macro based add-in (.xlsm) that can be configured by anyone without the need to run a software installation. 

If you have FinanceSeer successfully configured on your desktop, run it and go to the FILE menu and down to OPTIONS.

On the bottom right side, click on the hyperlink that corresponds to the version of Excel that is running on your machine. 

Save that file in a folder location that doesn't have references to your Microsoft user name.  We strongly recommend placing it in a folder called "FinanceSeer" located at the root of your c-drive (C:/Financeseer).  This way when you share Excel books with your colleagues the folder path is consistent across all users. 

Next, run Excel to configure the add-in.  Go to FILE/OPTIONS/Add-in and click on the GO button at the bottom of the screen. 

Click on the Browse button and locate the .xlsm file you just saved.  Click OK once you have located it.

Make sure the Excel add-in is check and click OK again.

The FinanceSeer ribbon should pop in at the top of the screen.

Go back to the FILE/OPTIONS in FinanceSeer and click on the EDIT SETTINGS link located on the right side of the screen (just above where you downloaded the .xlsm file.

Enable the "Showcase" addin and enter an installation name and a Passphrase. A good installation name could be something like "Prod", which stands for Production.  Because the FinanceSeer add-in speaks over a network channel, we need to authenticate the communication.  Once the credentials have been entered, go back to the FinanceSeer ribbon in Excel and click on CONNECT.  Enter the installation name and passphrase.  

You should be prompted with a message that states that you have successfully connected.  If you receive an error message or a time out, try shutting down FinanceSeer and Excel and trying again.  If this does not work please contact FinanceSeer as there could be a firewall issue.

Please remember that FinanceSeer must be running to form a connection with the Excel Add-in.  In order to actually transfer data, a FinanceSeer model must also be open.



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